Buoyancy bags, also known as the Flootzer, keeps pipelines, hoses and cables afloat. Different names are used for the floaters. Think about the cable floats, pipe floats, hose float and buoyancy bags. At Sailmaker de Wit we call them the Flootzer.

PVC material is used to make strong buoyancy bags. Inflatable cilinders are used to obtain buoyancy. Because the Flootzer buoyancy bags are inflatable they are easy to store. The floaters can also be used at the next project.

As the name says the buoyancy bags can keep cables, pipes and hoses afloat. For each project a Flootzer is available. First we have to look at the dimensions, but the weight of a cable of hose is important too. The buoyancy of the bags are determined due to this information.

Several Buoyancy Bags

Sailmaker de Wit makes two types of buoyancy bags for pipelines, hoses and cables. Besides also pontoon floats are made. These floaters gives extra buoyancy to a pontoon when this is necessarily.

Cable floats comes in two different types. The possibility is there to use the Flootzer with one inflatable cylinder, but a buoyancy bag with two cylinders can be used too. At each project we have to look at the right type of Flootzer. The most common Flootzer is the buoyancy bag with two inflatable cylinders. This one can carry a weight up to 600 kilogram.

Buoyancy bags 600